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Whimsical Watercolour

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I like to make stuff (with paint and words). Every day… and I post it on Instagram. Eventually I put it into a collection over here

I used to do a whole lot of Very Serious Things. But a few years ago I came to my senses and remembered that life is supposed to be fun. For me, creative expression is fun. So I create something every day.


Kerrie Woodhouse Author Artist

Each day is what we make it.  Creating something daily is a way of reminding myself to consciously choose the activities that fill the spaces in my day.

Painting, drawing and writing about the world around me helps me notice and appreciate the little things that make our lives wonderful.

I write about that every so often - if you want the inside scoop on that click here. (There's even a little gift for you.) 

How we spend our lives is, of course how we spend our days.
— Annie Dillard

Nice to 'meet' you

If you prefer that we be a little more than just strangers on the internet here are a few random things you might want to know about me:

  • I really don’t like writing bios

  • I love making lists

  • I live in Melbourne

  • I love picture books and children’s tv

  • I play the ukulele

  • I have been an auditor, a group accountant, a university lecturer and a fitness instructor but my best job of all is being a mum

  • I can’t bear liquorice – not even the smell

  • I have a PhD in Financial Accounting

  • the best things I have ever created are my beautiful twins

  • art soothes me and helps me make sense of the world

So what about you?

What inspires you?

Want to tell me about it? Click here - I'd love to hear from you...