Kerrie Woodhouse

Whimsical Watercolour


Finding Grace: the path to acceptance (The Grace Girls 1)

Discover your personal meaning of grace with this illustrated book for adults

Discover your personal meaning of grace with this inspirational and uplifting illustrated book for adults that includes quotations, reflections and whimsical artwork created while coping with bereavement (50% of the proceeds from the book are donated to the Cancer Council).


Finding Grace is an illustrated book for adults that explores the meaning of grace and its power to help us find acceptance of what we do not have in our lives in order to begin to find the joy in what we do have. The book includes the creative process, grace quotes and reflections that were of great comfort while coping with bereavement. 

The charming, whimsical illustrations and thoughtful words make this one of those inspirational books that you can't help but share. If you are in search of gift books for women, this uplifting book is unmissable.

This book is dedicated to my very dear friend who was bravely battling breast cancer at around the time I started drawing these whimsical little girls in my sketchbook. At such times, we take comfort wherever we can find it and somehow these big-eyed girls offered me just that. 

While drawing these girls and spending time with my friend during her treatment for breast cancer I spent a lot of time contemplating grace. I have included quotations about grace that I found meaningful, along with my own thoughts about this most admirable quality. 

It is my hope that you find as much inspiration and comfort from this collection of words and images as I did in putting them together.

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