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Qweeting: motivational benefits and art inspiration

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The other day, I was at the hairdresser boning up on frivolous current events, as you do. I love this actually - it's my chance to read magazines I wouldn't usually buy. Also, I am captive for a while and can't really be asked to be doing something more productive or useful with this time, so it is proper 'time out'. Sometimes I learn a thing or too... like a new urban word. For instance, until then I was unaware of this thing called 'qweeting', which apparently describes the action of tweeting a quotation, something some one else has said. And yes indeed, it seems to be a rather popular pastime. I myself don't have too much time for the pearls of 'wisdom' offered by the latest starlet, supermodel, or D-list celebrity. There are though, plenty of qweets of favourite lines of poems or books and many an inspirational or motivational quotation. These, I do like, and the article I read in the hairdresser's (speaking of dubious sources of wisdom...) was suggesting that that this sort of qweet is beneficial for both those posting them and those reading them. Both are reported to benefit from greater motivation, less procrastination and a more positive outlook. Well, there you are then, it can't hurt, can it?

I have also found that a funny quotation, like the Helen Rowland one from my Sugar Diva painting, or a favourite poem, or even a woo-woo affirmation gives me a bit of inspiration for something to draw or paint. In fact, I think one of the first drawings I did that felt like it came just from me and not from the homework from an online course or a prompt from a drawing book was this little lady here. When I heard these words, it was she that popped into my head in all her earnest teenage awkwardness, and I loved letting her out of my pencil.

She is a work in progress, though, she is just in my sketchbook currently. She needs a background and I am toying with the possibilities right now. I could do a lovely messy mixed media background and then redraw her onto it. This thought causes some unease, but Lovely Jane always says that if you drew it once, you will be able to draw it again. I have also been meaning to play with acrylic transfer using matte medium and this might be a good opportunity to do so. Hmmm, so many options...

The Wonderful World of Online Art Classes

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I joined Jane Davenport's glorious school for creative souls, a while ago. I am so pleased that I have found Lovely Jane. Mostly I was so pleased to have found other people like me - all wanting to learn to draw but not really knowing how or where to start. I signed up to the Draw Happy Workshop and never looked back.

Watching Lovely Jane's fun videos in this introductory workshop and doodling away this little face appeared. I know its a funny little quick sketch, but it was a bit of an 'aha' moment for me. Everything seemed a bit easier, more possible and much more fun. As soon as I saw this little face staring at me I signed up to Jane's next class, Supplies Me, to learn more, and have been taking online classes ever since.

That was over a year ago, but it was the beginning for me. This year I have joined Lifebook 2014 and I am so excited about it! Seems like a jolly good way to help me put regular hours into my 10 000 hour endeavour. Will post my first week's work for Lifebook next.