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pale and interesting I am learning to love the beginning of a new series. The first one is hard. After a month of drawing a particular subject using a particular set of supplies you start feeling comfortable and easy.  Changing supplies and subject feels like a challenge. Actually, that's rather the point.

But I loved doing the first 'Jane-ish' face for August. And I loved the pale hair. So here is some more pale hair. In fact I think she is altogether 'pale and interesting'.

I like that phrase... pale and interesting. Reminds of a particular friend who went out and bought a very pale coloured lipstick when that was all the rage (oo way more years ago than either of us cares to recall). Anyway, she said this was her special lipstick for when she needed to be 'pale and interesting.' It was an important phase, I'm sure.

I didn't realise it was a Thing. But it seems it is. According to the Urban Dictionary, it refers to a rebellion against fake tanning, and what it might stand for. An embracing of one's natural appearance in the hopes that it will be taken as an indication of sufficient intelligence to resist the urge to paint oneself a shade of orange.

Here, here.