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It's a rough start if you are a baby giraffe!

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baby giraffe no 2 Arttally It amazes me how graceful a giraffe is with that long neck and spindly legs that seem to go on forever. It seems to me that having these attributes could actually be a bit awkward.

It certainly makes it interesting when a baby giraffe is born. The mother giraffe gives birth standing up. When you consider that a mother giraffe can be as tall as up to about 6 metres (20 feet), those baby giraffes get a pretty rough start to life!

After a 15 month gestation period, the baby giraffe (calf) commences life with a fall to the ground of almost 2 metres. No matter... within the hour the baby giraffe is usually up and about. A giraffe calf can run 10 hours after birth. Rather impressive.

A giraffe calf weighs around 100 kilograms and is about 2 metres tall at birth. This height will be doubled in the first year. Calves stay with their mothers until they are 15-18 months old.

Just recently, on the 7th of June 2015 a baby giraffe was born in Chester Zoo in the UK. He is a Rothschild Giraffe, one of the most endangered subspecies of giraffe. Also one of the tallest subspecies. His name is Sanyu and he is awfully cute... look..

The adorable calf, who is nuzzled by another member of the herd, gets plenty of attention from the group