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You don't need to find your artistic style

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Yes, that is what I said. You don't need to find your own artistic style. Because it isn't lost. No searching is required. You can only paint, draw or write like you. In your own style.

Whether you realise it or not, you already have a style. All you have to do is keep producing the work. Keep showing up and making art until you recognise that style.

Do you remember those 3D stereogram hidden image pictures from the nineties? ( I have to confess I have wasted spent quite a lot of time staring at many of these this morning. I'm calling it research, okay? If you also have a few minutes to spare you can try it too, here). Anyway, the point is that if you do manage to see the hidden image below the surface, you realise it was there all along. You just needed to stare at it a little bit longer. That is just like your style. You have to make enough art to be able to recognise that which was always there.

When you choose a piece of clothing, a book, class, teacher, artistic medium you are already injecting your 'youness'. Other people may choose the same things as you but we will not all become identical copies of the teacher or each other. Sure there will be some influence. But, each of us suffuses our unique set of past experiences and ideas with the new skills we are learning. Your own style is inevitable. Time to stop trying and start allowing. Make more art.

You can only create like you. And only you can create like you.